SUPERHORRORFUCK – “the result of a deadly accident between the KISS’ and the Twisted Sister’s tour busses”

“Voodoo Holiday”, “Threesome With The Dead”, “Down At The Graveyard”, “Pissing On Heaven’s Door” – extraordinary songtitles by an extraordinary band called “Superhorrorfuck”!
Their uniqueness makes it hard to put them into any genre, so they simply created their own one and called it “Shock’n’Roll”.

Let’s be serious: could there be a more convenient name for the music of five guys who claim about themselves that they found their way back from the death and are now turning the music scene upside down as corpses? Probably not.

Dr.Freak, Mr.4, Deadly Bucks,Franky Voltage and Izzy Wyldhell are planning to “spread the Word of Horrorchy on the stages all over the world, and, of course, in your best nightmares”…

We took the chance of talking to the 5 corpses and asking them a few questions.


-) How would you describe your band to someone who doesn’t know you yet?
Well we often use this image to describe Superhorrorfuck: we could be the result of a deadly accident between the KISS and the Twisted Sister’s tour busses, with a mad scientist picking up all the body pieces and putting them together back to life!

-) How much time does it take to transform yourselves into “Superhorrorfuck” (e.g. before a gig or a shooting)?
It actually depends on what we have to do: there are different processes that transform us from the rotting corpses we are to pretty “normal” alive people, and that’s the makeup we use for our everyday “life”… For the shows we need a stronger kind of make up, in order to keep together the rotting pieces of our faces, that would be otherwise wasted by our energy on stage… That kind of makeup takes about 45 minutes to be completed… After ten years of experience we got pretty fast!

-) Which bands/artists inspire you for your own musical working process?
Naturally it all begun with Wednesday 13 and his bands, FDQFP13, then Murderdolls and all his solo works… Then came different personal tastes that range from punk to all kinds of metal, with a nasty pop vein too, and we definitively moved from “horror punk” to an heavy horror Rock’n’Roll background… Each one of us has a pretty wide musical taste, and this is an important inspiration for the band’s sound…

-) Which is the craziest experience in your history so far?
The craziest experience? Coming back from death was crazy enough, we think!

-) Which feeling do you prefer – recording music in the studio, shooting music videos or playing live-shows?
For us music is definitively to be played live, that can sound pretty strange if told by dead people, but there is nothing like being on a stage and celebrating with your audience and fans the crazy, blaspheme, super sensual party that only Rock’n’Roll can give… It’s like a religion: we make records, and these become the bible of our own cult, people listens to them, they learn the songs like goddamned prayers, and then they come to the shows to celebrate with us… In Rock’n’Roll we trust, baby!

-) When you imagine “Superhorrorfuck” in 10 years – where do you see yourself?
It’s pretty hard to imagine what we’ll be doing in ten years… Ten years are almost gone since we came back from death, and thinking about the awesome EVILution we made during this time we can’t really imagine where our twisted minds will bring us in the future!


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CREAM PIE – “Unsigned European Tour 2014″

The guys of the Italian Sleaze Rock / Metal band Cream Pie are hitting the roads for the second leg of their “Unsigned European Tour 2014″!
The gigs from August 20 to August 30 will be supported by the also Italian Sleaze/Metal band Smokin’ Kills.




LOADED GUNS – an interview about music, memories and aspirations

LOADED GUNS: for die-hard fans of  American Rock n’ Roll/Metal bands this name is no longer a mystery. Since 2011, when vocalist Rafael Salazar and his brother Andrew Salazar (bassist/vocalist) founded the band, their fanbase is growing daily. They claim about themselves that they want to bring “a fresh new sound many have been craving in the rock world”. Bands like Metallica, KISS, Megadeath, Iron Maiden, Bullet For My Valentine, Black Veil Brides or Skid Row have an evident impact on the band’s sound.


Nicky’s Music Promotion felt the great desire to talk to the band in order to get a closer impression about them and singer Rafael was so kind to fulfill this desire.

- How did you guys come together as a band?
In 2011 my brother and I started Loaded Guns in Miami Florida and quickly began to look for members. The band began gaining local recognition by winning contests and eventually started to become globally known.

- Which part does music take in your life?
It does not take a part of my life necessarily. It is my life.

- What inspires you for writing new songs?
Mostly life experiences and thoughts that pass my head. Rather than just holding them in I turn them into songs.

- Which of your songs means the most to you (and if you wanna tell us, why)?
Too Bad is a special song to me because it perfectly explains my feelings towards the hatred many people spew out of themselves. Those that feel the needs to bring others down are probably already down themselves.
So I enjoy singing that song and spreading the message.

– Is there a special moment you’ve experienced as a band, that you’ll probably never forget?

The band did a tour in 2012 and we got to stay in New Orleans for a few days and perform at the Hard Rock so that was definitely a wild and fun experience that I can never speak of again…haha

- You are very active in various social networks. How important is the direct contact with your fans for you?
I love conversing with fans via internet. It gives them an opportunity that I never had growing up. I would have freaked out at the thought that I could tweet or send a message to “Slash” or “Ozzy Osbourne”. So it is so cool to have a tool to be able to communicate with our supporters.

- Many people dream about being on stage for once in their lifetime. Can you describe the feeling of playing on stage for your fans?
It is probably a similar rush to speeding in a car (Though I don’t recommend that, the stage is safer). It is a pure adrenaline rush that feels like it happens WAY TOO FAST but I enjoy every minute of it. The crowds enthusiasm surely makes a difference.

- Do you have any personal heroes in the music scene?
Of course we all have our idols… I personally love a lot of the front-men from 70’s and 80’s- singers like Axl Rose, James Hetfield and David Lee Roth to name a few.


- What was the first CD you ever bought?
I remember it like it was yesterday… it was “KISS” studio album ‘Dressed to kill’. I personally think it is an underrated album and it really showed me the fundamentals of rock.

- Do you think there’s a chance for your European fans to see you live one day?
Most definite. I have many goals and aspirations for this band. One of them being a full blown European tour so if everyone just keeps spreading the word, we can make this happen.

- What can we expect from you in the near future (tour, album, new video)?
We have some major announcements regarding us signing a record deal (who we cannot name yet) and we are in the process of recording a NEW LG record. Hopefully some tours will follow.

- Where do you see the LOADED GUNS in ~5 years?
Still creating music and doing what we love. Success to me isn’t money or record sales, it is happiness with your craft. I see Loaded Guns simply ROCKING and being happy with our fans.

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A CALMER COLLISION: “I live to create…”

A Calmer Collision is a music project of producer/engineer Ryan McCambridge, that is located in Toronto, Canada.
After playing in his former alternative rock band “Recovery Child”, he now decided to enter the studio as a solo artist.
Recently he took some time for a nice interview with us, which turned out to be the perfect occasion to find out more about this charismatic musician.


- When have you decided to become a musician?

I’ve been a musician since I was 12 years old… which was a long time ago! As a kid I didn’t really gravitate to any activities, really, but when I started getting into good music I got it in my head that I wanted to play as well. At the time I didn’t really understand what that meant but it quickly grew into a necessity. I completely identify with myself through music now and it’s always been the biggest priority in my life. Once I recognized that, I knew I would always be a musician.

- Tell us a few words about your new solo-project “A Calmer Collision”.

I’ve spent the better part of my life working in studios as an engineer/producer because I love both the artistic and the technical aspects of it. As much as I love playing live and being on stage, I’m much more at peace in the studio because it’s the catalyst of creation. More than anything else, I live to create. I started casually working on A Calmer Collision years ago in my spare time in the studio. It was a way for me to experiment with sounds without the commitment of being an artist for those sounds. I was in my band Recovery Child at the time and the two didn’t really gel so I kept the separate and Recovery Child always took priority. I was fortunate enough to have had a couple successes with A Calmer Collision though despite not really putting much effort in, but recently I committed to legitimizing it. I didn’t want the music to be kept in hiding anymore so I set out to actually make A Calmer Collision something that could artistically represent me.

- Is there any special meaning behind the name of your project?

I came up with the name years ago. I loved the phonetics and alliteration of it, and the visual it created. I think that it’s a good description of who I am and how I approach music creation. I like when there’s a balance of control and chaos and in the end I think that gets represented in the music I make.

- Nowadays people are often too lazy to check out new and unknown music. Why should they make an exception for your music?

(Laughs) I can’t blame people for being disinterested. There’s so much music out there now that it makes it hard to know what’s worth your time. I don’t create music arbitrarily. I’m not the kind of artist that constantly throws songs out in the world to see what sticks. I try really hard to create music with meaning, something that I’ve dug deep for and pined over. I want people to hear my music and be moved and affected, and for them to hear all that I’ve put into it. I can’t give a good reason for people to listen to my music, at least not one that is going to sound sincere, but people tell me that I’ve achieved all that I’ve set out to do with music. If you believe in the sincerity of art, it’s perhaps a good reason to have a listen.

Download the most recent single "Higher Laws" for free on

Download the most recent single “Higher Laws” for free on

- How would you define your music in general?

That’s a tough one. I’ve been told by many people that A Calmer Collision doesn’t sound like anything else, which is about the highest compliment that you can be given as an artist. I didn’t really set out for this project to sound like anything in particular but the nature of my creative process and my overall influences have likely led me to make this music how it is. I’ve always believed in the importance of creating music that is sincerely you. It may not be fashionable or cool, but at least it represents who you are as an artist. I’d rather be great at being myself than be mediocre trying to be someone else. I’ve always subscribed to that, and to be honest, I don’t think I could create music for myself any other way. As for defining A Calmer Collision: Part of the sound comes from my commitment to wanting it to be a solo project. I do collaborate with people, like my co-producer David Bottrill, but I really wanted to not have to rely on others to make music. This means that I end up playing most of the instruments. If I can’t pull off what I’m trying to do, I’ll bring in a collaborator to help, but for the most part it’s just me. That’s the process. The other contributor is the fact that I grew up heavily influenced by both 80s new wave and 90s alt-rock. I feel like A Calmer Collision is my interpretation of those two eras of music. That’s how it sounds to me, anyway.

- Were you already lucky to gather any live-experiences and if so, would you tell us about your feelings on stage?

I have been really focussed on creating the music in the last while so I haven’t been on stage as of late. In Recovery Child playing live was easy: Songs were written, everybody learned their parts and we were ready to go. A Calmer Collision is different because all of the parts were created by me in the studio. There is no band, per se. Also, the music production is a bit more complicated so there’s a process in having to sort of “reverse engineer” the sounds. I will eventually commit to putting A Calmer Collision on stage but I really want to give people more music first before I shift gears into playing live.

- In which place or atmosphere do you usually write your songs?

I’ve learned to write everywhere but I’m most comfortable in small, dark, quiet spaces. I think that’s why I like being in the studio so much. It’s really easy to make excuses not to write though, so I try hard not to make my environment one of them. I’ve written songs on buses, on planes, at parties, in rehearsal spaces, etc. You can’t really control when creativity will strike you. For that reason, I just place a lot of importance on making the most of the time when it does.

- What is your biggest wish for your future?

There are so many! (Laughs) The biggest wish though: I want to leave this world feeling like I contributed something to the greater good. I want to feel like I affected people positively and that what I did with my time was important and meant something to people. It’s so easy to lose sight of that though… of what really matters. But the personal connections that I’ve made with fans tell me that I’m on the right path. They’ve shared their stories and experiences, their loves and tragedies, and entrusted me with their feelings. They tell me that the music I create means something to them and that it’s inspired or helped them. That’s what I set out to do and that’s what I truly hope I’m able to continue to do. How could I ask for more than that?


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THE STRIGAS – spreading their poison in Vienna

Fabio (Vocals), Liboria (Bass), Andrea (Guitar), Ettore (Guitar) and Nitro (Drums) are playing together since the summer of 2010 and their sound is strongly influenced by Finnish Gothic Rock. In this year’s February they released their first full-length album “A Poisoned Kiss To Reality” aswell as their first music video for the single “Falling Down”.

In the first days of April 2014 they were heading out for a new mission: their plan was to “spread their poison” over Austria’s capital city Vienna! Therefore they played two shows on the 3rd and 4th April (Viper Room Vienna & Cafe Carina).

The Strigas on their way to Vienna

The Strigas on their way to Vienna

Ok, so just to be clear from the beginning on – their live shows are a must-see!
From the moment they entered the stage, the audience was under their spell.


They started their set with “Until You Surrender”, a very powerful song that easily got them the attention and interest of the crowd. “Sorrow Queen” was followed by their latest single “Falling Down”.

After “Waiting For Glory” and “Wrong” it was time for a beautiful power-ballad named “Sometimes”.

The show continued with “Dream Again”, “The Box”, “Sweet Bitterness”, “No Tomorrow” and ended fittingly with the song “Fade Away”. During each single song the band was demonstrating a stunning stage presence. Every musician was sure about what he was doing and there was no doubt that they are totally one with their music. Having a short look around the audience, it was close to impossible finding someone who was not having a good time.
The outstanding performance of the band was accompanied by a clear and brilliant sound, so both evenings were a pure joy.


Also after the show, besides the stage, The Strigas were able to convince their fans straightaway. They took time for pictures, autographs, conversations and offering their merchandise.

Summing up: professional, passionated musicians with charming, lovable personalities were enchanting the Viennese audience and were able to gather many new fans during these two days.

At this point it’s time to give the band the opportunity to shortly summarize their personal experience in Vienna:

We had a great time in Wien, the city is wonderful and people are truly amazing: we found a place where there’s a particular attention to underground music, in both venues there were many people down the stage and they acted like they were thousands, they sang and shouted the hell out of every song we played! We found a home in Wien and we hope to be back soon one day…we had an experience we’ll never forget!

Many live pictures of both events can be found here.

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Get your copy of the album “A Poisoned Kiss To Reality”


JOLLY ROX is a music project which exists since early 2005.


It was brought to life by Joey Zalla (vocalist/guitarist) and is located in Florence, Italy.
The band’s influences can be found in the classic rock/glam style of bands like Poison, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue or Toto.
They have played many shows across Italy and as some highlights they were support-act for respective international acts like Nasty Idols, Wednesday 13, Erocktica, Pretty Boy Floyd, Britny Fox, Bullet Boys or Bud Tribe.
In 2011 they released their debut album “Welcome to my twisted room”, in 2013 an EP with the common name “Jolly Rox” was published.

Jolly Rox

The latest release is the new music video for the ballad “Sorry Eyes”:

For following all JOLLY ROX updates and to enjoy more music, we recommend you warmly to visit the following sources:
-> JOLLY ROX – Facebook
-> JOLLY ROX – YouTube
-> JOLLY ROX – ReverbNation


UNDECIMBER is a Goth/Metal/Electro band from Stockholm (Sweden) which is famous for its dark and expressive sound.
The band exists since 2007 and today consists of the four members Snakes (vocals and guitar), Lash (guitar), Mizzy (bass) and Zombie (drums).


-) When and how have you decided to make music together?
The band was formed in 2007. It was Snakes’ idea, he must have been bored. He always stir shit up when he’s bored. Back then it was him and Lash plotting out some basic songs together. They sent me a demo, I kind of liked it so I decided to meet up with them. We met at Vampire Lounge in Stockholm. It was surreal, Snakes is like ten feet tall and Lash is half his size. I felt like I was joining a circus, but I figured what the hell. I remember they asked if I wanted a drink, I said sure a single malt would be nice. Lash goes to the bar and says “I’ll have a bottle of whiskey, single malt….Snakes do you want anything?”. Right there and then I knew for sure I was joining a circus. Zkipper joined the band on drums shortly after. He just recently left the band to pursue his career as a tattoo artist, so he was replaced by Zombie. He showed up at the audition, saying “Ok, guys, try to keep up!”. That pretty much set the tone.

-) From which artists and which kind of music are you inspired while writing music?
Well, the beauty of Undecimber is that we all got so different taste in music. You might think we listen to goth all the time, we don’t. Like, Zombie mostly gets his inspiration from Super Nintendo games. I try to add some grunge feeling to the base lines. Lash is pretty hung up on death metal. Snakes, I don’t know if he even listens to what you could call music. He’s pretty much stuck in the 80’s on Sunset Strip. It kind of makes sense that he bought a place in LA. Anyway, we mostly come together with all our influences in what turns out to be Undecimber.

-) Can you tell us what’s the meaning behind your bandname?
It’s Latin. It means The 13th month. We were at Lash’s place, trying to figure out a band name. Too many tequilas later, things went out of hand. I think I might have put Lash’s guitar on fire that night. I’m sorry Lash. It was me. Anyway, I woke up like 7 am in her apartment. Everyone was passed out. But the word Undecimber was written all over the table, with a lipstick. It looked pretty cool. We liked it, and went with it as a band name.

-) If you look back at your previous career, what was the most precious moment you’ve experienced together?
Probably playing at Bar Sinister in Hollywood. That was pretty badass. The audience was crazy.

-) What are your future goals as a band?
Right now we’re planning to shoot a couple of videos to some of the songs on Dead Inside. After that we’re probably going on a tour, probably starting with North America and then Europe. We’ll see.


More about UNDECIMBER:


Ihr wollt am 3. April 2014 bei der Rock Zone im Viper Room Vienna dabei sein, wenn coole Bands (Broken Ego, Blood Catapult, Spectacle Sheep, The Strigas, The Heavy Souls) die Bühne rocken – und das noch dazu für lau?
Wir verlosen 2×2 Freikarten für dieses Event! Wenn ihr sie haben wollt, schickt einfach bis 1. April ein Email mit eurem vollständigen Namen an “” und mit etwas Glück steht euer Name dann auf der Gästeliste.

Viel Glück!



We were very lucky and got the chance to talk to one of the most promising and hottest acts Sweden has to offer in these days – “Reach”!


This melodic hardrock band exists since 2012, is currently working on its debut album and is planning to take over the world in the future…

- What’s the meaning behind your band name?
Maybe it’s a bit silly but.. Reach.. Reach out! That’s what we wanna do… The “A” in the logo just happens to be a great letter to replace with the epic Swedish fighter aircraft J35 Draken.

- How did you get to know each other?
Ludvig and Marcus got to know each other in another musical project and instantly felt that they had the same way thinking about music, writing and performing. They began working on songs instantly. Then they found Alex, this undiscovered star through a dozen of auditions. To fill in the missing piece Marcus called an old time friend, David, to handle the bassparts. Now we are a messed up family with one possibly adopted brother!

- Your rock cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” was an incredible success. Why did you choose to cover exactly this song?
Well first off, it was a huge hit. So therefore it was a good choice of song to cover. We thought we rather choose a “non-rock” song than covering an old Whitesnake tune, hands down… Because it’s funnier to create something new, to turn an electro song into a classic hard rock tune was really exciting and challenging! Avicii was perfect in the sense of his nationality we love to support and bring forth the Swedish music, either rock or electric!

– Is there a story behind your new single “Black Lady”?

It’s a song of a girl… maybe a special event or a feeling?… Listen to the lyrics, we’re not gonna spoil that one for ya´ll just yet!

- Who is writing your lyrics?
Ludvig & Marcus are working a lot with the lyrics for our songs, but good ideas come from everyone and they always get attention.

- Where do you get your inspiration from, when it comes to writing music?
Inspiration comes from everywhere. Of course our favorite music inspires us but also those golden moments of jam-sessions with acoustic guitar is something that boosts the creativity! The whole band has a great sense of melody so when someone gets inspired and starts singing or playing a melody it’s often something worth working with! It’s beautiful.

- What can we expect of your first album?
We hope the music we love and write is something that will speak to our fans and also our new listeners!
As of inspiration the band has all kind of influences but the roots are mostly 70-80s hard rock!

- Are you planning to go on tour this year?
We can’t say when or where now, it’s still kind of fresh but we know we have a lot of support from Germany, Hungary and Italy so… One of those maybe. We’re planning on releasing the album this autumn so hopefully we can get out on the roads instantly after the release of the debut album!


- What are your future goals?
World domination… Seriously though, we aim to bring this show on the road as soon as possible and see where it can take us.
We believe in what we do and together with hard work it will probably take us somewhere.

- Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
We can’t thank you and the Reach-crew, enough. We’re absolutely amazed by the support we are getting. It means the world to us and we’re working 26 hours a day to create something that you’ll hopefully like as much as us!

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A band couldn’t ask for a more brilliant start into the world of music videos than the one that the Italian Rock’n’Roll band “Speed Stroke” has just experienced!

D.B. (guitar), Niko (guitar), Fungo (bass) and Neb (drums) are rocking the Italian music scene together since the summer of 2010.
Later, their line-up has been completed by Jack (vocals).

Speed Stroke

Speed Stroke

What is so special and characteristic about “Speed Stroke”?
Songs with an unique groove, an extraordinary sound and live shows that are filled with a never-ending energy and passion.

They gained a lot of popularity with their participation in the Dave Lepard tribute project “Reborn in Sleaze”, for which they recorded a cover version of Crashdiet’s legendary single “Riot in Everyone”.

Speed Stroke

Speed Stroke

In 2013 they finally released their first full length album “Speed Stroke” which is available on iTunes or Amazon.

Ultimately, they have now presented their long-awaited debut music video “Sick Of You”:

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