Today we want to introduce you a great Austrian band!!!

Open your ears for…  THIARY !!

If you like music in the style of Metal/Melodic/Death  – then you should definitely check them out!!!

Thiary in one sentence, is basically; Imagine 4 musicians, climbing their way to the top of their musical potential. The journey started 6 years ago in cellar where their first jams took place. After several lineup-changes, 1 demo-recording and a dozen of gigs, the group feels finally ready to demonstrate their skills and endurance as a technical metal band. Thiary is certainly not categorisable…. The members of Thiary all grew up on listening all kinds of music; If it’s Punk, Death Metal, Hardcore, ball-less Hairmetal, or anything else, you can be sure to find it in their music. If you still need to pigeonhole it, Thiary would be the first “Anti-cosmic Techno Death”-metal band. That’s that; Anything new from now on will be found on their myspace-site. So far, so good , so hot!

Here is one of their songs!!!

Your ears are satisfied now???

Let the guys know! “Like” their Facebook-page, add them on MySpace or check out their account on ReverbNation!!!

THIARY on Facebook

THIARY on MySpace

THIARY on ReverbNation


About Nicky Rose

Music lover from Vienna, Austria

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