Are you ready for a lil‘ game?

We know that there are still countless fans of CINEMA BIZARRE in the whole world.

And we still have tons of unpublished live-material about CB (the whole material was recorded in the first row at several CB-gigs by the Official Cinema Bizarre Fanclub Austria)!

So – would you like to see some live-performances we have recorded in the past???

Here’s how you get the clips:

1.)    Go to http://www.facebook.com/nickysmusicpromotion and like the page if you haven’t yet
2.)    Be so kind to share this page with your friends on FB and invite them to „like“ it too
3.)    Subscribe this channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/CBFanclubAustria/
4.)    Simply keep on loving the best band the world has ever seen – CB!^^

As soon as we have 550 fans we’ll upload the first video – so there’s a lot to do until then ;)

We are still bizarre – you too? <3


About Nicky Rose

Music lover from Vienna, Austria

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  1. franzihalfcolombian

    oh yes!! I am still bizarre! :) <3

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