GUILTZ ‘N’ PLEASUREZ – Out of Control

“Guiltz ‘N’ Pleasurez” –  behind this name there are hiding 5 young and talented musicians from London who came together with the intention of bringing a breath of fresh air into today’s music world.

"Out of Control" cover

“Out of Control” cover

The sleaze/hard rock formation was born in early 2013 when singer Bobby Valentine met guitarist Rockie Steel. Together they found keyboardist Alex Grant, bassist Lee Downs and last but not least drummer Dany Redlar.

The aim of “Guiltz ‘N’ Pleasurez” is to continue the legendary spirit of classic 80s hard rock bands like Poison, Bon Jovi or Cinderella – as a matter of course not without adding a personal and modern essence which shows their discrete style.
Singer Bobby Valentine about the band: “there’s a lot of bands with 80s influences or elements of the look, but there really didn’t seem to be anyone who could properly go the whole way until the five of us got together”.
What makes this band so special is their unique sound, their attracting look and a kick-ass rockstar attitude that makes it hard to resist.

Recently “Guiltz ‘N’ Pleasurez” have released their first EP “Out of Control”. It includes five powerful tracks which will satisfy every lover of good & catchy glamrock. The songs of this band are the place where intoxicating drum beats, powerful guitar riffs and passionate, extraordinary vocals meet to melt down into extremely catchy tunes.  Singer Bobby knows perfectly how to use his unique voice in order  to make the listener stuck on every song’s story – it’s as good as impossible to skip one of the songs while listening.

Summing up this EP is the proof that their above-mentioned band philosophy is not just about empty words –  whoever takes a listen to “Out of Control” will realize that it’s coming from a passion deep within. “Guiltz ‘N’ Pleasures” make it possible to bring back the golden age of hard rock straight into the headphones and loudspeakers of their fans.

Highlight: Out of Control

01 Baby Be Mine
02 Dr. Jack
03 Lovin’ You Is a Heartache
04 Out of Control
05 Slippin’ Out

Any further information as well as the possibility to order your personal copy of „Out of Control“ can be found on the band’s official website:



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