Third Vision

Third Vision

It’s time to introduce you an indie band which has recently released their very first EP. We’re talking about the L.A. based “Third Vision” who are trying to locate their sound somewhere between Coldplay, Snow Patrol & Imagine Dragons.

The idea to create this band was born when singer Valley Taylor and drummer Colton Flurry were looking for a way to deal with the struggles in their lives. “We started this together to cope with the years wasted, total losses, deaths, and tribulations that life had in store,” says Colton. “Every circumstance or instance has shaped our minds in a way that is portrayed through music and songwriting. We simply want people to escape from their daily lives when listening to our music.”
Together with guitarist Kyle Gibson, guitarist Leben Bleasedale and bassist Skyler McKee they started to work on their EP “Focus” with producer Robby Joyner from Black Book Sound.

“Every song is connected in general sound, but they are all different in its own respects,” says Colton. “You might listen to one song and hate it, but love the next because it offers a different vibe – a different edge.” They try to offer timeless music that could be suitable for every situation in life. While making music they want to give their fans the feeling of being a part of the band, the aim is to unite the vision of the fans with the vision of the band. The guys affectionally call their fans “visionaries”.

If you take a listen to their debut EP “Focus” (available on iTunes), you can make up your own mind about this band and you might get a feeling for the “idea” behind this project…

01 Pieces
02 Trust Me
03 Invincible Until
04 Lighthouse Ave
05 Believe In Me
06 Timeless

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