Eric Sparkwood aka “Foghorn Lonesome” from Stockholm (Sweden) was so kind and took some time to talk to me about his electro/darkwave/gothic music project and the things he is planning to do in the future.
Enjoy this truly interesting interview of a great personality.

Foghorn Lonesome

Foghorn Lonesome

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before and why should people start listening to it?
I guess it’s a mixture of electro, darkwave and gothic. It has elements of these genres and more. I wish there was one word to sum it all up. The songs range from more fast tempo songs like ”Svea” to slow songs like ”So Sorry” and everything in between. Some songs are almost ten minutes long. I like when songs are more of a journey than your standard four minute song where it’s often about getting from point A to point B within a certain time frame. I never put a time limit on my songs. I like giving songs time to breathe and take on a life of their own. They could end up being three minutes or twenty minutes long. Songs are often cinematic to me. Sometimes I see a long cinematic sequence in my head as I’m writing a song. There’s a start, a middle and an end. Like a music video. I also like to use a wide variety of sounds and features. There is one song where trumpets are playing and one where a child is singing a small part. So anything could end up in a Foghorn Lonesome song. For me there are no rules in songwriting. There are many adjectives to describe the music but dark, melancholic and melodic come to mind first.

What inspires you when it comes to writing music/lyrics?
I use my inner struggles for inspiration and there’s never a shortage of it. But on rare occasions I just make things up. Music for me needs to be personal. Both as a listener and as a creator. I suppose writing lyrics is more of a personal process than writing the music since you can be more direct with what you want to say by using words. But both the music and lyrics go hand in hand and are equally as important. One song I wrote right after I had seen the final episode of Dexter. I was in tears and deeply affected by what I had just seen. I wrote the song within 30 minutes. So a song can be born from anything really. But the song is not about Dexter though. Haha. Inner struggles, personal experiences, all the bad things in life etc are what inspire me. All that fun stuff.

Can you imagine to play your songs live one day or will you keep your work as a studio-project only?
Yes, I plan on playing live in the future. But at the moment I’m the only member in the ”band”. This being a fairly small genre and my hometown Stockholm being even smaller it’s hard finding the right people.

When and why did you decide to start your music project “Foghorn Lonesome”?
It started in late 2011. I had off and on been trying to start a band for quite some time. I thought I had found the right person to start a band with in late 2011 but things didn’t work out. I had at the time set a goal to write about twelve songs or so and he and I would record and mix them together in his studio. But we eventually parted ways. In December of 2012 I contacted a professional studio to help me mix the songs. I had now written most of them.

Which of your songs means the most to you (and if you wanna tell us, why)?
Answer: That’s very hard to say. All of the songs are personal. Some more than others. Choosing just one is impossible.

Can you already tell us something about the things you’re planning for the near future?
I’m still finishing songs in the studio. At the moment six songs are on SoundCloud and I have five more songs to finish. It’s mostly the mixing that’s left. I’m only in the studio once a week. So things take time. Once everything is done I plan on contacting record companies to see if there’s any interest in taking things further. The songs will eventually be available on Spotify, iTunes, CD etc. As I mentioned before, I would like to play live in the future but that won’t be a possibility until more people are involved. So we’ll see what happens.

At this occasion I’d like to thank you once more for your cooperation, Eric!

Foghorn Lonesome

Foghorn Lonesome

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