We were very lucky and got the chance to talk to one of the most promising and hottest acts Sweden has to offer in these days – “Reach”!


This melodic hardrock band exists since 2012, is currently working on its debut album and is planning to take over the world in the future…

– What’s the meaning behind your band name?
Maybe it’s a bit silly but.. Reach.. Reach out! That’s what we wanna do… The “A” in the logo just happens to be a great letter to replace with the epic Swedish fighter aircraft J35 Draken.

– How did you get to know each other?
Ludvig and Marcus got to know each other in another musical project and instantly felt that they had the same way thinking about music, writing and performing. They began working on songs instantly. Then they found Alex, this undiscovered star through a dozen of auditions. To fill in the missing piece Marcus called an old time friend, David, to handle the bassparts. Now we are a messed up family with one possibly adopted brother!

– Your rock cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” was an incredible success. Why did you choose to cover exactly this song?
Well first off, it was a huge hit. So therefore it was a good choice of song to cover. We thought we rather choose a “non-rock” song than covering an old Whitesnake tune, hands down… Because it’s funnier to create something new, to turn an electro song into a classic hard rock tune was really exciting and challenging! Avicii was perfect in the sense of his nationality we love to support and bring forth the Swedish music, either rock or electric!

– Is there a story behind your new single “Black Lady”?

It’s a song of a girl… maybe a special event or a feeling?… Listen to the lyrics, we’re not gonna spoil that one for ya´ll just yet!

– Who is writing your lyrics?
Ludvig & Marcus are working a lot with the lyrics for our songs, but good ideas come from everyone and they always get attention.

– Where do you get your inspiration from, when it comes to writing music?
Inspiration comes from everywhere. Of course our favorite music inspires us but also those golden moments of jam-sessions with acoustic guitar is something that boosts the creativity! The whole band has a great sense of melody so when someone gets inspired and starts singing or playing a melody it’s often something worth working with! It’s beautiful.

– What can we expect of your first album?
We hope the music we love and write is something that will speak to our fans and also our new listeners!
As of inspiration the band has all kind of influences but the roots are mostly 70-80s hard rock!

– Are you planning to go on tour this year?
We can’t say when or where now, it’s still kind of fresh but we know we have a lot of support from Germany, Hungary and Italy so… One of those maybe. We’re planning on releasing the album this autumn so hopefully we can get out on the roads instantly after the release of the debut album!


– What are your future goals?
World domination… Seriously though, we aim to bring this show on the road as soon as possible and see where it can take us.
We believe in what we do and together with hard work it will probably take us somewhere.

– Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
We can’t thank you and the Reach-crew, enough. We’re absolutely amazed by the support we are getting. It means the world to us and we’re working 26 hours a day to create something that you’ll hopefully like as much as us!

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