UNDECIMBER is a Goth/Metal/Electro band from Stockholm (Sweden) which is famous for its dark and expressive sound.
The band exists since 2007 and today consists of the four members Snakes (vocals and guitar), Lash (guitar), Mizzy (bass) and Zombie (drums).


-) When and how have you decided to make music together?
The band was formed in 2007. It was Snakes’ idea, he must have been bored. He always stir shit up when he’s bored. Back then it was him and Lash plotting out some basic songs together. They sent me a demo, I kind of liked it so I decided to meet up with them. We met at Vampire Lounge in Stockholm. It was surreal, Snakes is like ten feet tall and Lash is half his size. I felt like I was joining a circus, but I figured what the hell. I remember they asked if I wanted a drink, I said sure a single malt would be nice. Lash goes to the bar and says “I’ll have a bottle of whiskey, single malt….Snakes do you want anything?”. Right there and then I knew for sure I was joining a circus. Zkipper joined the band on drums shortly after. He just recently left the band to pursue his career as a tattoo artist, so he was replaced by Zombie. He showed up at the audition, saying “Ok, guys, try to keep up!”. That pretty much set the tone.

-) From which artists and which kind of music are you inspired while writing music?
Well, the beauty of Undecimber is that we all got so different taste in music. You might think we listen to goth all the time, we don’t. Like, Zombie mostly gets his inspiration from Super Nintendo games. I try to add some grunge feeling to the base lines. Lash is pretty hung up on death metal. Snakes, I don’t know if he even listens to what you could call music. He’s pretty much stuck in the 80’s on Sunset Strip. It kind of makes sense that he bought a place in LA. Anyway, we mostly come together with all our influences in what turns out to be Undecimber.

-) Can you tell us what’s the meaning behind your bandname?
It’s Latin. It means The 13th month. We were at Lash’s place, trying to figure out a band name. Too many tequilas later, things went out of hand. I think I might have put Lash’s guitar on fire that night. I’m sorry Lash. It was me. Anyway, I woke up like 7 am in her apartment. Everyone was passed out. But the word Undecimber was written all over the table, with a lipstick. It looked pretty cool. We liked it, and went with it as a band name.

-) If you look back at your previous career, what was the most precious moment you’ve experienced together?
Probably playing at Bar Sinister in Hollywood. That was pretty badass. The audience was crazy.

-) What are your future goals as a band?
Right now we’re planning to shoot a couple of videos to some of the songs on Dead Inside. After that we’re probably going on a tour, probably starting with North America and then Europe. We’ll see.


More about UNDECIMBER:


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