THE STRIGAS – spreading their poison in Vienna

Fabio (Vocals), Liboria (Bass), Andrea (Guitar), Ettore (Guitar) and Nitro (Drums) are playing together since the summer of 2010 and their sound is strongly influenced by Finnish Gothic Rock. In this year’s February they released their first full-length album “A Poisoned Kiss To Reality” aswell as their first music video for the single “Falling Down”.

In the first days of April 2014 they were heading out for a new mission: their plan was to “spread their poison” over Austria’s capital city Vienna! Therefore they played two shows on the 3rd and 4th April (Viper Room Vienna & Cafe Carina).

The Strigas on their way to Vienna

The Strigas on their way to Vienna

Ok, so just to be clear from the beginning on – their live shows are a must-see!
From the moment they entered the stage, the audience was under their spell.


They started their set with “Until You Surrender”, a very powerful song that easily got them the attention and interest of the crowd. “Sorrow Queen” was followed by their latest single “Falling Down”.

After “Waiting For Glory” and “Wrong” it was time for a beautiful power-ballad named “Sometimes”.

The show continued with “Dream Again”, “The Box”, “Sweet Bitterness”, “No Tomorrow” and ended fittingly with the song “Fade Away”. During each single song the band was demonstrating a stunning stage presence. Every musician was sure about what he was doing and there was no doubt that they are totally one with their music. Having a short look around the audience, it was close to impossible finding someone who was not having a good time.
The outstanding performance of the band was accompanied by a clear and brilliant sound, so both evenings were a pure joy.


Also after the show, besides the stage, The Strigas were able to convince their fans straightaway. They took time for pictures, autographs, conversations and offering their merchandise.

Summing up: professional, passionated musicians with charming, lovable personalities were enchanting the Viennese audience and were able to gather many new fans during these two days.

At this point it’s time to give the band the opportunity to shortly summarize their personal experience in Vienna:

We had a great time in Wien, the city is wonderful and people are truly amazing: we found a place where there’s a particular attention to underground music, in both venues there were many people down the stage and they acted like they were thousands, they sang and shouted the hell out of every song we played! We found a home in Wien and we hope to be back soon one day…we had an experience we’ll never forget!

Many live pictures of both events can be found here.

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