LOADED GUNS – an interview about music, memories and aspirations

LOADED GUNS: for die-hard fans of  American Rock n’ Roll/Metal bands this name is no longer a mystery. Since 2011, when vocalist Rafael Salazar and his brother Andrew Salazar (bassist/vocalist) founded the band, their fanbase is growing daily. They claim about themselves that they want to bring “a fresh new sound many have been craving in the rock world”. Bands like Metallica, KISS, Megadeath, Iron Maiden, Bullet For My Valentine, Black Veil Brides or Skid Row have an evident impact on the band’s sound.


Nicky’s Music Promotion felt the great desire to talk to the band in order to get a closer impression about them and singer Rafael was so kind to fulfill this desire.

– How did you guys come together as a band?
In 2011 my brother and I started Loaded Guns in Miami Florida and quickly began to look for members. The band began gaining local recognition by winning contests and eventually started to become globally known.

– Which part does music take in your life?
It does not take a part of my life necessarily. It is my life.

– What inspires you for writing new songs?
Mostly life experiences and thoughts that pass my head. Rather than just holding them in I turn them into songs.

– Which of your songs means the most to you (and if you wanna tell us, why)?
Too Bad is a special song to me because it perfectly explains my feelings towards the hatred many people spew out of themselves. Those that feel the needs to bring others down are probably already down themselves.
So I enjoy singing that song and spreading the message.

– Is there a special moment you’ve experienced as a band, that you’ll probably never forget?

The band did a tour in 2012 and we got to stay in New Orleans for a few days and perform at the Hard Rock so that was definitely a wild and fun experience that I can never speak of again…haha

– You are very active in various social networks. How important is the direct contact with your fans for you?
I love conversing with fans via internet. It gives them an opportunity that I never had growing up. I would have freaked out at the thought that I could tweet or send a message to “Slash” or “Ozzy Osbourne”. So it is so cool to have a tool to be able to communicate with our supporters.

– Many people dream about being on stage for once in their lifetime. Can you describe the feeling of playing on stage for your fans?
It is probably a similar rush to speeding in a car (Though I don’t recommend that, the stage is safer). It is a pure adrenaline rush that feels like it happens WAY TOO FAST but I enjoy every minute of it. The crowds enthusiasm surely makes a difference.

– Do you have any personal heroes in the music scene?
Of course we all have our idols… I personally love a lot of the front-men from 70’s and 80’s- singers like Axl Rose, James Hetfield and David Lee Roth to name a few.


– What was the first CD you ever bought?
I remember it like it was yesterday… it was “KISS” studio album ‘Dressed to kill’. I personally think it is an underrated album and it really showed me the fundamentals of rock.

– Do you think there’s a chance for your European fans to see you live one day?
Most definite. I have many goals and aspirations for this band. One of them being a full blown European tour so if everyone just keeps spreading the word, we can make this happen.

– What can we expect from you in the near future (tour, album, new video)?
We have some major announcements regarding us signing a record deal (who we cannot name yet) and we are in the process of recording a NEW LG record. Hopefully some tours will follow.

– Where do you see the LOADED GUNS in ~5 years?
Still creating music and doing what we love. Success to me isn’t money or record sales, it is happiness with your craft. I see Loaded Guns simply ROCKING and being happy with our fans.

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