SUPERHORRORFUCK – “the result of a deadly accident between the KISS’ and the Twisted Sister’s tour busses”

“Voodoo Holiday”, “Threesome With The Dead”, “Down At The Graveyard”, “Pissing On Heaven’s Door” – extraordinary songtitles by an extraordinary band called “Superhorrorfuck”!
Their uniqueness makes it hard to put them into any genre, so they simply created their own one and called it “Shock’n’Roll”.

Let’s be serious: could there be a more convenient name for the music of five guys who claim about themselves that they found their way back from the death and are now turning the music scene upside down as corpses? Probably not.

Dr.Freak, Mr.4, Deadly Bucks,Franky Voltage and Izzy Wyldhell are planning to “spread the Word of Horrorchy on the stages all over the world, and, of course, in your best nightmares”…

We took the chance of talking to the 5 corpses and asking them a few questions.


-) How would you describe your band to someone who doesn’t know you yet?
Well we often use this image to describe Superhorrorfuck: we could be the result of a deadly accident between the KISS and the Twisted Sister’s tour busses, with a mad scientist picking up all the body pieces and putting them together back to life!

-) How much time does it take to transform yourselves into “Superhorrorfuck” (e.g. before a gig or a shooting)?
It actually depends on what we have to do: there are different processes that transform us from the rotting corpses we are to pretty “normal” alive people, and that’s the makeup we use for our everyday “life”… For the shows we need a stronger kind of make up, in order to keep together the rotting pieces of our faces, that would be otherwise wasted by our energy on stage… That kind of makeup takes about 45 minutes to be completed… After ten years of experience we got pretty fast!

-) Which bands/artists inspire you for your own musical working process?
Naturally it all begun with Wednesday 13 and his bands, FDQFP13, then Murderdolls and all his solo works… Then came different personal tastes that range from punk to all kinds of metal, with a nasty pop vein too, and we definitively moved from “horror punk” to an heavy horror Rock’n’Roll background… Each one of us has a pretty wide musical taste, and this is an important inspiration for the band’s sound…

-) Which is the craziest experience in your history so far?
The craziest experience? Coming back from death was crazy enough, we think!

-) Which feeling do you prefer – recording music in the studio, shooting music videos or playing live-shows?
For us music is definitively to be played live, that can sound pretty strange if told by dead people, but there is nothing like being on a stage and celebrating with your audience and fans the crazy, blaspheme, super sensual party that only Rock’n’Roll can give… It’s like a religion: we make records, and these become the bible of our own cult, people listens to them, they learn the songs like goddamned prayers, and then they come to the shows to celebrate with us… In Rock’n’Roll we trust, baby!

-) When you imagine “Superhorrorfuck” in 10 years – where do you see yourself?
It’s pretty hard to imagine what we’ll be doing in ten years… Ten years are almost gone since we came back from death, and thinking about the awesome EVILution we made during this time we can’t really imagine where our twisted minds will bring us in the future!


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