The Italian Dark Rock formation VLAD IN TEARS, which is now settled in Berlin (Germany) has recently released its 4th studio album, which is showing their darkest side so far.


The CD starts with “Run or Fight” which could be the leading motto for listening to this album – you can try to run or fight but you’ll soon realize that both is useless, ’cause there’s no chance to escape from the new tunes the band is offering. “Feed On Me” is the current single and hymn of all die-hard VIT fans.

The band’s statement about this song:
“We thought it would have been the right song to represent us, our new style, but also the most balanced one, because we didn’t want to “shock” too much our old fans, but for sure conquer new ones”.

“Die Today” shows the pure darkness that is hidden within this band but at the same time it comes along with very hypnotizing vocals and beats that will give the listener the desire to listen this song more than just once. The next piece “Glad To Be Dead” appears as a song full of pain and hope that “is about a new life coming… after Death…”. Due to the captivating energy that is delivered by “Burning Bright”, this one is probably one of the strongest songs on the album.

With the song “Vlad In Tears” the band is giving their fans exactly what they’re longing for: a darkrock song in perfection (the CD also contains an energetic live-version of this song). They wanted to record a song about the old Dracula romance by Bram Stoker and connect it to the band’s name. The result is a “a story of eternal Love… a decaying Poem”. “Afterlife” is coming to the listener with a catchy intro and a chorus that invites to dance and rock without regrets. The ones who are looking for another danceable track will be happy with “Your Sign”. Singer Kris describes it as a mixture between Marilyn Manson & Lady GaGa and sees a simple message behind the lyrics: “free your life and do not lie”. Accompanied by heavy guitar riffs and funky rhythms that lead into a powerful chorus, “Kiss My Soul” takes the listener to a dark world filled with passion.

Need a taster?
“I wanna feel you into my bones, I wanna let you kiss my soul. I wanna make your dream come true, I wanna let you take my soul…”.

Ronny Zeisberg for Wieglas-fotografie

Ronny Zeisberg for Wieglas-Fotografie

“Bleed Out” is possibly the most vulnerable song and the only real ballad on the album. As the band explains, it’s about “facing our past and face it all…stop running and accepting what has to be”. It’s a very emotional song that also perfectly reveals the unique voice of VIT’s singer. “Fade Away” persuades with a sophisticated mixture between slow verses and a strong, screaming chorus. “No Time To Die” brings a refreshing piece of mysticism into this CD. Vocalist Kris about this track: “I wanted to mix our new heavy style with the distant atmosphere from a mystical world…”

The biggest surprise on “Vlad In Tears” is certainly a succeeded cover version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. For the band it was a big challenge to be classic and alternative at the same time, but this version demonstrates that they can!

Conclusion: as always, Vlad In Tears come along with their well-known and cherished combination of deep lyrics, an unique voice and a music that is bursting with energy. With “Vlad In Tears” the band offeres an album that will give fans of good Dark Rock/Goth Rock everything their dark hearts desire.


1 Run Or Fight
2 Feed On Me
3 Die Today
4 Glad To Be Dead
5 Burning Bright
6 Vlad In Tears
7 After Life
8 Your Sign
9 Kiss My Soul
10 Bleed Out
11 Fade Away
12 No Time To Die
13 My Way (Frank Sinatra Cover)
14 Vlad In Tears (Live)



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