WakeUpCall talk about their tour experiences and their future plans

The Italian rock band WakeUpCall just came back from their latest tour where they’ve been playing shows in Poland and in the Czech Republic.
We took this occasion to talk to them about their latest tour, their line up changes, new songs and their future plans.


– You just came back from your tour. For the first time you’ve been to Poland. What kind of feeling is it to meet your fans of another country and playing live for them for the first time?

Olly: You know, when you go to a foreign country for the first time nobody knows you, people look at you as an alien, you play songs that nobody has listened before, so you have to be patient and convince the crowd step by step…but in Poland was totally different! We played four shows and in each one we had a wonderful crowd that jumped in front of the stage! People already knew the lyrics of our songs so they sang with us for the entire show! It never happened before that a foreign country gave us such a big welcome! It has been a really wonderful experience!

Tommy: Everytime is different, every country is different and it also depends on the bands you are touring with. Our first time in Poland was really great, we met lots of cool new young fans and friends, we had several girls under the stage singing all our songs, they brought us flags and posters with messages for us, that was so sweet and we played the best show we could each night to make sure they won’t forget WakeUpCall.
It’s just an incredible feeling when you go so far from your own town and you have people that want to see you play, people that sing your songs. I’m so grateful to Poland that I really can’t wait to get back there to play new shows, and it will happen soon in 2015.

– Did you find the time for some sight-seeing or have you been too busy with the shows?

Tommy: We had a couple of days off, we spent most time travelling from Czech Republic to Poland, but we had the chance to spend a night in Prague, going around the centre, fooling around and have some drinks in some night clubs. We spent another night visiting the centre of Cracow, that was really beautiful, it was the first time I ever been there, beautiful city. And of course we spent the night in some nice clubs there too, they have a very good Vodka.

Olly: We drove too many kilometers so when we had time to rest we just wanted to sleep! Then we had to finish some work with the new singles too, so we spent most of our free time working on the new songs in the Hotels. Fortunately we also found the time to have a little walk in Prague and in Cracow…..two wonderful cities!

– Which other countries would you like to visit in the future?

Tommy: We are very interested into Germany and Austria, and we hope to have some chances soon there. We should visit soon for the first time Russia and that’s one of the coolest part of this life: the chance to travel and see a lots of place around the world that not everyone has the chance to visit while doing your job, amazing. UK is another country where we would like to start working but that’s more difficoult than some other Europe countries….we’ll see.

– Do you generally prefer to play in front of a huge crowd (e.g. at festivals) or rather a small crowd in a rock club?

Olly: Huge of course! XD No, it’s not a matter of numbers to me. I can play in front of 10.000 people but if they are like zombies, drinking their beers and talking about their stuff while I’m playing, then I prefer 100 people screaming our songs in a small dirty rock club!

Tommy: In these past years we played for so many different crowds, we played for very few people or sometimes for little bigger crowds, I think the way we act and play doesn’t and can’t change because of the number of the tickets sold. As long as we have 2 people buying the ticket to see WakeUpCall playing, then WakeUpCall are gonna play the best they can for them.
We also play music because we need to play our songs, it’s our first need, so it doesn’t matter….as long as we’ll have something to say we’ll play it.

Did you get some inspiration for new songs while being on the roads?

Tommy: I love watching the world through our tour van window and sometimes with the right view and the right song in the stereo it really can be one of those magic moment and I get some ideas and new lyrics to write it down. But usually we don’t write a whole song on the road, because we never have enough time to rehearse it, I mean everything is very fast: you’re on the van and drive a lot, then you arrive at the venue, soundcheck, dinner, show, photos with fans and then you start drinking vodka and you wake up the day after again in the van heading to another city. You don’t have much time to work on something else.

Olly: A song can be inspired by lots of different experiences and being on tour is for sure one of the most wonderful experience! So yes, places and people we meet on the road can inspire our music.

– What was the best/funniest moment you’ve ever experienced while being on tour?

Olly: I really don’t know because I used to wake up in strange places in the mornings with totally blackouts about the previous nights…maybe I should ask the venues to start paying us more money instead of free drinks!

Tommy: Once we wrote on the merchandise prices “We are willing to exchange merchandise for sex”, that was just a joke…at the beginning, but trust me, some of us will remember that night for a long time.

– What are you missing the most during tour life?

Tommy: It depends on where we are touring but the biggest thing I miss from Italy is the food XD
Of course I do miss the people I love, but I’m so lucky that everyone around me gives me total support. They know my passion is so big and they are very happy for me everytime I leave to play shows and that’s so helpful, it gives me the chance to concentrate and get into the band and music 100% of myself. Also right now we don’t have the chance to stay on tour for such long time. Usually the first girl I saw when I come back home is my dog Lilli, she always jumps on me and she makes me feel home soon.

– You recently announced a change in your band line up. What’s the reason for that and how are you planning to go on in the future?

Olly: Nothing special, no fights no breaks, just life that forces people choosing between what they wanna do and what they must do. We spent great time with Dario and Giacomo but they decided it was time to stop with music and change their lifestyle. Fortunately we found two new great musicians soon.

Tommy: We are not 18 anymore (unfortunately) and when you start growing up sometimes priorities change, and that’s what happened to Dario and Giacomo, there was no controversy or bad argue with us, they just came to a point where they were too afraid of waking up one day in their 30s or 40s with nothing, no money, no real job, no family, those kind of stuff that most of the people need. So there are no hard feelings with them, they just left to have an ordinary life outside music.
We found a great new drummer Luca Marini and a cool new bass player Badd Tripp and we had good times together in Poland.
The thing is that we had already started working on the new singles stuff (photos and videos) so we decided to make this changing not fast, this new season WakeUpCall image will be just me and Olly on the official photos, but Luca and Tripp are without a doubt the new WakeUpCall members.

– We know that soon you’ll enter the studio to record a couple of new songs. Can you already tell us more about what we can expect?

Olly: We had lot of fun writing new material, we tested new solutions finding a more mature way of writing but keeping it 100% WakeUpCall style!

Tommy: We’re now mixing the songs, this time we changed producer: Antonio Aronne (The Form studio) is taking care of the recording process. This time we recorded just 3 songs, not a whole record, so it was much more easy.
The first single will be “Don’t Clean Up This Blood” and we’ll release it soon in December. It’s one of those WakeUpCall songs with a hard & heavy sound like Just Wanna Dance (but without dance music this time), it’s another song about anger, anger against those people who decide what is right and what is not and take everything for them, leaving nothing to the others. It refers in particular to a very bad moment in the modern Italian history, back in 2001 when at the G8 in Genova the police get into a school and beaten so many innocent people.
Second single will be “A long list of wrong choices” and that’s the song where you can hear how we changed and grew up these last two years since the first album, probably my favourite. It’s about all the wrong choices a man can do in his life and realizing that most of us can’t change and if we have second chances, we will do it wrong once again, because that’s who we are.
Third single will be release before summer and it’s called “A modern love song”….it’s not a ballad, is a very funny song, with funny lyrics, kinda more happy song but with huge guitars and a cool sing along chorus.

– Do you have an idea when you will release your next record?

Tommy: We had like 12-13 news songs ready, we could release a full length record, but we decided to wait. Especially because nowadays the music business has changed, nobody buys cds, lots of bands are starting to release just digital singles. But I grew up in the 90s and I used to buy a lots of albums, I love the album idea and I really want to release more than another one.
We already have a pretty cool idea for a new release after these singles, we’ll take our time, but we’ll do it.

Olly: In the last two years we wrote so many songs that it was a shame to choose just three of them for the new singles. So we’d really like to release a new Full Length in the near future. On the other hand these days it’s also a shame to record a 10 songs album and then people will listen only to the tracks they’ll find on youtube: 3 singles and who cares about the other 7 songs? We have lots of ideas and we really want to record them but we have to find the right time for the right step.

– Can we look forward to the one or other new music video coming along with the new songs?

Tommy: Yes. Actually we planned to release a video for each of these 3 new songs. We’ll shoot the first 2 videos now in November. I think we had again simple but cool ideas for these first two videos, but they will not be hilarius and funny like the last one (Let You Go), those two songs are damn serious so we thought it was not time to joke in the videos. Maybe we’ll come back to funny situations in the third single…

– What’s your biggest wish for the future, as a band?

Olly: Sex Drugs and Rock N’ Roll sounds too old and too stupid, so I just hope to have the chance to bring WakeUpCall music all over the world as long as my strength let me jump on a stage with a guitar. I hope that this dark moment for the original music and for the music business will lead us to a new era and not to the death of rock music.

Tommy: I wish for WakeUpCall the chance to keep going for a long long time, that means having the chance to play our music, to release new albums, to get on the van and drive around the world to play our music.
I really wish to have the chance for WakeUpCall to be the support band for some bigger bands tours, but these days it’s not that simple, especially for an italian band. But we won’t give up.

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