NASTY RATZ about themselves, their first CD and future plans

“We’re gonna ruin your life, but you’re gonna love it!” – that’s what the NASTY RATZ from Prague (Czech Republic) say about themselves on their Facebook page. After reading these words, I decided to figure out who and what is hiding behind this crazy Glam/Hair Metal band. I had the great honour to talk to singer & guitarist Jake, who told me many interesting things about the band.


How did you guys come together?
Such a long story for a short time :D. I wrote an ad for a drummer and Rikki came to the rehearsal space with no ability and no self-confidence :D. But he looked kickass, so I accepted him and we started writing our songs. Then, we started performing with different guys until Stevie Gunn came for another ad and brought his raw sound and old school technique. My friend Tommy Christen was one of the different guys we’ve played with before and he left. I told him that he would come again, so he did :D.

What’s the meaning behind your extraordinary band name?
It’s a shortcut of my real life story. Unfortunately, it’s kinda illegal, so I can tell you that a few minutes before my death. Even guys in the band didn’t know that meaning :D.

Which bands / artists inspire you?
For myself KISS and everything that has an energy. I don’t like bands that try to be exactly 80s like. Tommy is more into 80s either does Steve. Rikki is more into simple hard rock like AC/DC etc.

What kind of feeling was it to record and finally release your CD “I Don’t Wanna Care”?
We definitely like the songs, but hate the sound :D. We didn’t know anything about recording etc. Didn’t have good amplification and instruments and I don’t like my voice there, either. But you can feel the energy, the lust and having it in your hands is like the moment when you cum for the first time :D. Still excited :D. (The new single “Angle In Me” is like fucking daily – skills are easy to be seen and you’re never gonna stop listening to it :D).

Do you write all the lyrics and music by yourself? And if so, where do you find inspiration?
I made couple of songs by myself, but now the model is, that guys write the music without a melody and lyrics and I’ll make that. Tommy’s songs are the easiest for me to write a melody for. I can hear it for the first time and last time in the same moment. Melody usually comes up to me in a minute.

What are your personal favourites on the CD?
N.A.S.T.Y. – it powerful, I guess.


Why should somebody check out your music and become a fan of your band?
Because I’d kill him if he didn’t! :D

In your opinion: what makes a live gig special for you?
The show, movement, energy, comunication with the crowd. It’s just an amazing feeling. I’ll never stop loving it.

If you could go on tour with a famous band, which one would you choose?
KISS, with no doubt.

What are your plans for 2015? Can we expect a tour or new releases?
Pretty hope so. I’m not sure about touring. We are trying to play as often as possible. Bands here usually play 6 shows in 3 months and call it a tour. Fuck it :D. I’m not gonna touring just for touring. But we definitely need to release the first full-lenght album, release a couple of clips and show our asses to countries we’ve never been to. :)


Tracklist of “I Don’t Wanna Care“:
1- Intro
2- I Don’t Wanna Care
3- N.A.S.T.Y.
4- Hot Confusion
5- Livin’ For Today



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