DUST ‘N’ FLAMES: new album and video

The North Italian hard rock band Dust ‘N’ Flames was created back in 2010 with the intention to bring back the glory of hard rock.
Since 2012 they’re making music together with the current line-up.


The sound of Dust ‘N’ Flames is settled somewhere between Motley Crue, Hardcore Superstar, Avenged Sevenfold and Three Days Grace – to mention a few of the band’s musical influences.
They soon started their first live activities and can be seen in various North Italian clubs also nowadays.

Recently they released their new music video for the current single “The Sweet Taste Of A Punch“:

As if that’s not enough, the band just came up with another release – their new album “Backstabbing From Heaven“.
It includes eleven tracks that combine classic and modern hard rock elements with strong heavy metal. A pinch of punk attitude completes the sound of this CD, which shows a powerful side (e.g. “Afterlie”, “Firebirds”) as well as a contemplative one (e.g. “Gone With A Smile”, “Holy Demons”).

If you’re a supporter of good underground rock and you’d like to discover something new, keep an eye on Dust ‘N’ Flames.
You’ll definitely not waste your time.


Tracklist of “Backstabbing From Heaven” (available on Amazon, iTunes and at live-shows):
1- Backstabbing From Heaven
2- Scent Of Inferno
3- Afterlie
4- Dr. (H)ugs
5- Gone With A Smile
6- Eva Anger
7- Death Loves U Man
8- Holy Demons
9- Sun (Will Never Set)
10- Firebirds
11- The Sweet Taste Of A Punch

Purchase the album


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