DANTE announce new releases

Bogotá (Colombia) – based rock band DANTE come up with some good news for their followers – a couple of new releases are on the way!
But before we talk about details, let’s go back to the roots (for the ones who don’t know this band yet).


The band consists of 5 members: Kami (vocals), Gonzo (guitar), Alexx (guitar), Carlos (bass) and GG (drums).
Everything started when a couple of high school buddies who were crazy about old school rock n roll, comic books and Finnish/Scandinavian bands realized how tired they were of what they saw on MTV and heard on the radio. So they simply decided to create their own version of everything they liked. The result of this plan was “something visual, chaotic, artistic, grotesque & beautiful”. In 2008 they put up first demos which soon got attention from people outside Colombia. Their home town Bogota has always had a very important impact on their music style.

Singer Kami: “A lot of people who don’t know much about our country usually think it’s all palm trees and sandy beaches but Bogota ain’t like that. First off, it doesn’t have a beach and it’s really high up in altitude which makes it a somewhat cold weather city. It’s more like Seattle, dark and rainy and cold. I think it’s been relevant to our sound, the influence of the city. It’s very new yorkish in some areas but New York kinda like in the 70’s with that gritty look”.

Recently they’ve been working on the second studio album “Gunblade Blues”, which has the aim to capture the band’s wild live-energy.

Here’s a lil’ preview of the upcoming music:

“We recorded everything that has influenced us from rockabilly to an 8 minute epic song with lightning in the background and much more. It’s basically an album that takes you on an adventure done old school style. We’re doing a piece of artistic venture for each one of the songs, including different types of videos & hopefully by the last quarter of the year a comic book on our website that goes with one of the songs.”

The album will be released in three triplets throughout the year. In this way, DANTE wants to give every single song an opportunity. By the end of the year they might release a Vinyl with everything they have recorded so far (some special tracks included).



Official website


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