RUSTED: new EP and European tour!

The Canadian Hard Rock band “Rusted” knows how to put a smile on their fans’ faces:
not only that they have recently released a new EP – they will also fly over to Europe in order to present their material directly live on stage.

With the latest work called “Restless Gypsies” the band is showing itself in a quite unusual, but very impressive way. While they usually come up with a strong rock attitude, this time they demonstrate their talent in performing acoustic songs. They managed to create a charming and simple collection of acoustic songs (a nice cover version of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” included) that matches every mood and situation.
So if you’re looking for a musical journey that takes you away to another place for a little while, this EP is your ticket.


1. Midnight Man
2. Rock Patrol
3. Last Stand
4. Wanted Man Boogie
5. Traveler
6. Young Wild & Free
7. Girl From …
8. Without A Goodbye
9. Hurt

Order your digital copy of “Restless Gypsies”

Their music made us very curious about the faces and people behind the songs. So we decided to talk to the band and figure out who they are.

When and how did “Rusted” come to life?
It all started in a little town in the north of Quebec called Rouyn-Noranda in 2007. Tony and Dizzy first met at high school and started to play together a couple weeks after. They first start playing with some friends and then they eventually moved to Montreal (the biggest city in the province of Quebec) in 2009. After some lineup changes, they finally found the good team with Maniac, Eagle and Mark .

Which is the most precious moment you’ve experienced together as a band so far?
Well it’s hard to choose one moment! But one of the greatest experiences we lived together was probably the recording and the release of our first Album Rock Patrol that we are very proud of. With this album we had the chance to tour across Canada and USA and now Europe, that are also some of the most precious moments as a band.

If you could choose, with which famous artist/band would you like to tour one day?
Hum..That’s a good but tough question …there are so many good bands touring right now, I would say sharing the stage with some of our biggest influences like Iron Maiden, Scorpions, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue or Def Leppard would definitely be a huge thing for us!

Do you generally prefer playing live or recording new songs in the studio?
Recording songs in studio is a really great experience, it really gives our songs a different vibe, but I would say that nothing can beat performing in front of a good rocking crowd. There’s just so much good energy going on, I think it’s the best feeling ever and we really enjoy being on stage.

Recently you released your new EP “Restless Gypsies”. What are your personal feelings about it and why should people add it to their playlists?
For us it was really a way to give to our songs a second life. The EP being an acoustic EP in most of it, it was really different than what we are used to. People are seeing us like a hard rock / heavy metal band but we can also sit down and kick in the old acoustic guitar to really capture the raw feeling of our songs. I think that people who are really fans of everything that happened in the 80’s are going to love our new EP. It was barely a tradition in the 80’s to record an unplugged or an acoustic album!

Can you tell us something about the working process for your latest EP?
Like I mentioned before, we are truly inspired by what happened in the 80’s decades and being fans of a lot of bands like Kiss, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, etc, we realized that all of these bands can perform in a very aggressive heavy metal way or can really prove their musicianship by rocking only with some acoustic guitars. And actually we already did some acoustic versions of our songs when we were invited on some radio shows, and we always loved it. Then for the recording of this EP, it was really raw “authentic” we came to the studio with our guitars and drums and we recorded live in the same room. That was it! We played the songs a couple times and chose the best performance overall ! It took us a couple of days and it was definitely a great musical experience, a different feeling.

You’re about to start your “Eurock Patrol Tour 2015” through Europe. Will these be your very first shows in Europe?
Yes! We wanted to come to Europe for a long time, so we’re really excited to finally realize this project, this dream. We can’t wait to meet European crowds.

What can we expect from your tour?
Lots of hair, leather and leopard!
For real, you can expect a really hard rocking heavy metal show just like in the 80’s. We are really not afraid of clichés and we are using every single one of them. Big amps, choreography, spandex, leather and denim. People are often describing us like being really energetic on stage. We are giving our 100% every night , even if there’s only 2 people watching haha.

Is there a particular country that you’re looking forward to see the most, and if so why?
Really, we’re excited to visit every single country because we never played there! Maybe we’re a bit more curious about Eastern European gigs because those countries seem a bit less influenced by the occidental world where we come from, so it might be more authentic and different, but really we have no idea, we’re just excited to go everywhere!

Do you think you’ll take some time to discover Europe on your own feet and do some sightseeing between the shows?
We would love to, but unfortunately we won’t have a lot of time, travelling 10 countries in 2 and a half weeks, there’s a lot of driving sometimes between shows. That’s the problem with a tour like this: you drive hours and hours, you arrive in the city, you play there and on the early morning you have to leave. But of course we’ll try to find time to walk around in every city!

Tour dates:


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