FOGHORN LONESOME: “Having a good relationship with the fans is very important”

NMP: Eric, it’s nice to talk to you again! It’s already our second interview together and I’m sure also this time you have many things to tell us. From what I could see from your latest postings on various social media accounts you seem to go through a tough period of your life lately. So first of all, how do you feel?
FL: I mentioned briefly on Facebook and Instagram in a post about weight loss that I was going through some rough times. I recently went through a breakup. So I’m dealing with the emotions of that at the moment. I’ve seen better days.

Foghorn Lonesome

Photo by Bo Reinerdahl

NMP: You also post many updates which come directly from the studio. Can you tell us what you’ve been working on lately?
FL: We’ve been working on new mixes of the thirteen songs available on Soundcloud. I felt I wanted to go back and adjust some things. So that’s been keeping me busy for a long time now.

NMP: What are the differences between the old and the new versions of your songs?
FL: There won’t be a big difference between the new mixes and the old ones but there are some new things such as synths, melodies, vocals and effects. I feel that these new mixes are an improvement.          

NMP: You did a couple of Q&A videos lately. How important is the direct contact with people who listen to your music? Do the interaction and their feedback have an impact on your work?
FL: Having a good relationship with the fans is very important. Their support means everything. I’ve become good friends with several of them. Positive feedback is always very uplifting. It makes the hard work worth it knowing that people appreciate what you do. Especially now that I’m dealing with a recent breakup. The fact that people enjoy my music is comforting in a way.

NMP: When you think about the future, what are your next plans for Foghorn Lonesome?
FL: The new mixes will be done in a couple of weeks and will be available for streaming and download. I’m still trying to get a band together. The goal is to play live but without other people it won’t be possible. I have some photoshoots planned for some promotional pictures and there might be new music video coming in the future. I plan on making some videos later about various things too. I will also be contacting record labels to see if there’s any interest in taking things further. I’ve had some offers already. The music industry is in bad shape these days. So we will see what happens. Foghorn Lonesome is just me. I do everything myself and I try to make things happen as quickly as I can but there are limitations to what I can do. Hopefully 2016 with be a good year for Foghorn Lonesome.

Foghorn Lonesome

Photo by Bo Reinerdahl

Instagram: foghornlonesome


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