FOGHORN LONESOME talking about his debut album

Just a few days ago Foghorn Lonesome released his debut album. I thought this is a perfect occasion to take some time and talk to him about this journey and his next steps.


Photo by Bo Reinerdahl

Since a few days your new album is out. How do you feel now, at the end of this long journey?
It’s a relief. A long journey has finally come to an end.

Why did you feel the desire to work again on old songs as well?
The last song was done and uploaded on SoundCloud in October 2014. Thirteen songs in total. But I felt things could have been done better. So we went through each song and tweaked them. Mostly minor things. New things such as vocals, synths, effects etc were also added.

Is there any track you’d like to mention or to highlight because it has a special meaning or story?
Not really. It’s hard to pick one. All the songs are personal. The most popular songs seem to be All I Want Is Some Love, Night & Gale, Svea, UlieIcry, Watership Down, Winter Blue.

Recently you published news about the fact that you finally found two band members. Were they involved in the recording process and will they have an impact on Foghorn Lonesome’s future sound?
No, they are not on the recordings. That was the problem I had before I wrote and recorded the songs. I couldn’t find any band members. Putting a band together seemed impossible. So I had to find people who would come to the studio and record but they wouldn’t be a part of Foghorn Lonesome in the future. Now I’ve found two people, J. and Nikita, who are now a part of the band. I’m still looking into finding some more people.


Photo by Bo Reinerdahl

What are your next steps, now after the release?
We are rehearsing. The plan is to eventually play live. I’m also putting things together to see if there’s any interest among record labels to take things further.

Last but not least – the most important question: how can your fans support you now and where can they get your album?
The best thing they can do is spread the word. share the music. I do have a PayPal account for donations ( The music can be downloaded for free on SoundCloud. It can also be found on YouTube. The music will be on Spotify soon too.

Instagram: foghornlonesome


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