SONS OF SOUNDS – new album out now!

The German Art Rock / Free Metal band “Sons Of Sounds” has just released its brand new album “In The Circle Of The Universe”! What a perfect opportunity to invite them to a little talk in order to find out what’s the story behind the 3 brothers and their new album, what they think about playing live and what they are planning for the near future.

Sons Of Sounds

(C) arno kohlem photodesign / ako

1) You have recently released your new album „In The Circle Of The Universe“. How do you feel – now that the world has finally access to your new material?
We are so fucking happy! Seriously, we felt so sorry for the fans who had to wait for soooo long for this Album to be released, it was already recorded quite a while ago…
but we had some issues to find the right label to release it. Now we finally found one, and the people can listen to it wherever they are. We’re so thankful to everybody who was
involved in making this album happen and especially thank you to our fans.

2) How long did you work on the 13 new songs?
I think it took as around a year to finish those songs.. We didn’t really had pressure, most of them were already finsihed before we decided to go to the studio and record the new album, so the songs could grow and we’re glad they came out as we wanted ’em to.

3) All your songs are very powerful with strong and deep lyrics. Do you mainly tell personal stories through your music?
This one’s a concept album, there’s lot’s of personal stories in it, many experiences but also some stories not from our personal lives.
I guess it’s lots of personal stuff yes, but it’s written for everybody, a story that’s been told through the album, just listen and enjoy.

4) The album is not the only thing you released lately. You also gifted your fans with a new video clip for the new single “The Change”, which turned out to be very impressing by the way. Would you like to tell us something about the video shoot?
Oh yes! We’re glad that we could shoot this video with our dear friend and producer “Sascha Kunznia” (we made the music video for the “The Demon In Me” with him a couple years ago and it came out great). So this one we shot in 2 days, it was raining or snowing the whole time, we only had 2 days and no place to rest.. also we didn’t really have a crew, it was just us 3, Sascha and our roadie max. We only got 3 hours of sleep we were freezing non stop but we’re happy and proud of the final cut.
It tourned out amazing in our opinion.. it reminds me a little bit of the movie “The Revenant” ;-)

5) You say about yourself that your sound is able to touch music lovers from all kinds of genres. What do you think is your secret?
I don’t really know what “our secret” is, we just heard it so many times from people who came to us after a concert and said: “Hey that was so amazing! I’m actually not into metal music, but you guys are so powerful.” Stuff like that people tell us quite often. I guess we just do what we do with so much passion, love and energy that everybody who’s there feels it, and then there’s a special connection, a special bond. Maybe that’s the magic.

6) In the upcoming autumn you’ll be touring through Germany and Austria. What can your fans expect from your live-shows?
They can finally buy our new album hahahaha!
We’re really looking forward to it, we like to be on the road and play as many shows as we can, we gonna give 200% every show we play, there will be magic, its gonna be loud and kickass and there will be love, sweat and happiness!

7) When talking about playing live, do you generally prefer playing in front of a big crowd or in front of a small audience?
Actually it doens’t really matter that much, it just depends on the crowd, if they give us the energy back that we give them, it’s going to be awesome and powerful, the more people give us energy back, the more likely it’s gonna be a great show, it’s always taking and giving.

Sons Of Sounds

(C) arno kohlem photodesign / ako

8) You guys are brothers – how was the idea of turning yourselves into “Sons Of Sounds” born and what’s the story behind your name?
That’s pretty simple, we are 3 brothers = Sons, and we make music, so = Sounds. “Sons Of Metal” would be so over the top, haha ;-)

9) A very interesting fact in your biography is that you started your live career in a class room 7 years ago. How come?
It was a music contest by a school which Wayne and me (H) were going at, and in this class room there was the predetermining of the final band contest, so we won this one, and 2 weeks later we played the finals in front of 1500 people… That was our 2nd concert ever, and we won the final contest.

10) You’ve reached so many great things in the past 9 years (shows in and out of Europe, awards, many videos and productions, your own base/club…). Is there anything left you’d still love to reach or experience in the future?
Now it’s very important for us to play as many shows as possible.. we didn’t play that much the last months ’cause the album wasn’t out yet. So that’s on the very top of the to do list…
Maybe another album release next year? Who knows, we’re excited to go on tour and let’s see what the future will bring us.

Best regards,


Tracklist of “In The Circle Of The Universe“:


1- Magic
2- The Machinery
3- The Change
4- Exousia
5- Movie Of My Life
6- Rock’N’Roll Monster
7- Ikana (New Awareness)
8- Destiny
9- From Stone To Dime
10- Children Of The Light
11- Thirteen Crystal Skulls
12- My Star
13- Sirius & Mars

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